Remember the Art


Dear mister …

This is a present given to you as a symbol.
A symbol of Art and Culture. Its color is to remind you that Art is the closest to the Truth.
To go to war is far from an original idea. Man does it since ancient times. What would really be revolutionary would be to take care and be cautious about the Art of a conquest country. And this in total disregard of any political issue.
Therefore, you get this symbol as a present that you may understand:


I ask you: REMEMBER THE ART ! That would be: To combine Power and Ideal in a Mission to Save Civilization.
Thank You.


Cette lettre accompagnait des peintures originales de Murielle Lucie Clément personnellement envoyées à:
Thomas Donely, Micahel Ledeen, Joshua Muravchik, Danielle Pletka, Gary Schmitt, Frank Gaffney, Bill Kristol, Norman Podhoretz. All of them are Government’s advisors of The United States of America.


BETHLEEM Bethléem, Thomas Donely

BOUGIE Bougie, Micahel Ledeen

CAPUCIN Capucin, Joshua Muravchik

CHEMIN_DE_CROIX Chemin de croix, Danielle Pletka

CHRIST Christ, Gary Schmitt

EMBAUM_ Embaumement, Frank Gaffney

JESUS Jésus, Bill Kristol

PRIERE_COMMUNE Prière commune, Norman Podhoretz

SAINT_ANTOINE Saint Antoine, Atelier